China IP Summer Program

Information about the 2016 CHINA IP SUMMER PROGRAM is here.

The John Marshall Law School offers one ABA-approved study abroad program in intellectual property law in Beijing, China. This program is open to law students from any law school. The JMLS China Summer Program began in the summer of 2008, a couple of months before the 2008 Summer Olympics.

In the inaugural program, Prof. Richard Gruner of JMLS former Director of Center for Intellectual Property Law led a group of 12 students and US lawyers to Peking University in Beijing, China. He and Prof. Guangliang Zhang of Peking University at the time taught US and Chinese IP courses in Peking University. JMLS was also privileged to have Chief Judge James Holderman of the United District Court for the Northern District of Illinois presiding over a comparative mock trial of a patent infringement case.

In the morning of the day of the mock trial, Chinese attorneys representing the parties and a panel of three Chinese judges, with Prof. Zhang presiding, showed more than 200 audiences how a Chinese patent infringement lawsuit is conducted. Prof. Zhang was a former acting Chief Judge of Intellectual Property Tribunal in Beijing No. 1 Intermediate People's Court and has heard many Chinese patent infringement cases during his tenure. As such, once the arguments from the parties were over, the panel of judges retired to a separate judge's chamber to discuss not only procedural issues raised by the parties, but also technical details and damage issues involving the case. The audience was able to see and hear their discussions through a live video feed from the judge's chamber.

In the afternoon session, Chief Judge Holderman presided over the US portion of the mock trial with US lawyers from Brinks, Hoffer, Gilson & Lione showcaseing how patent trials are conducted in the US. JMLS students also served as jurors, and their deliberation in the deliberation room was live-fed to the main conference room so that the US attorneys and audiences were able to observe the debates among the jurors simultaneously. For more details and photos of the 2008 program, please check out the 2008 page.

The success of the first JMLS China Summer Program 2008 led to another successful JMLS China Summer Program in 2009. In addition, JMLS was able to receive the ABA accreditation. For more details of the 2009 program, please check out the 2009 page.

With the ABA accreditation in 2009, many non-JMLS students were also able to be enriched by the JMLS China Summer Program. Thus, in the 2010 JMLS China Summer Program, US law students from Fordham University, Northern Kentucky University Salmon P. Chase College of Law, Touro College Jacob D. Fuchsberg Law Center, as well as US practicing patent attorneys, participated in the 3rd annual summer program. Chief Judge Holderman was also kind enough to preside over a mock trial of a copyright infringement case in addition to teaching a special IP course of working with experts in IP litigation with his wife and adjunct professor, Paula H. Holderman. For more information, please check out the 2010 page.

The 2011 “China IP Summer Program” continued its succsses from the last three years.  In addition, instead of another mock trial, the John Marshall Law School was honored to have Chief Judge Randall R. Rader of the Court of Appeals for the Federal Circuit to preside over a Sino-US comparative appellate moot court program.  The program was very well-attended by over 200 participants, among them, judges, patent office officials, patent attorneys, patent examiners, and students from law schools in Beijing.  For more information, please check out the 2011 page.

It is difficult to top-off the first Sino-US comparative appellate moot court program from last year, but the 2012's China IP Summer Program still achieved resounding success by the return of Judge James Holderman, Chief Judge for the US Northern District of Illinois.  Chief Judge Holderman presided over the Fifth Sino-US comparative mock trial program - a patent case regarding a blood oxygenator.  The simulation of Chinese proceedings will be assisted by Professor Guangliang Zhang, now with Renmin University School of Law.  Judge Zhang was a former Acting Chief Judge of the Intellectual Property Tribunal, Beijing No. 1 Intermediate People’s Court.  Most importantly, the mock trial was conducted by two teams of IP litigators from Nixon Peabody's Chicago and LA offices.  The program was again very well-attended by over 250 participants, among them, judges, patent office officials, patent attorneys, patent examiners, and students from law schools in Beijing.  For more information, please check out the 2012 page.

The 2013 China IP Summer Program took a brief break from the mock trial.  Based on the feedbacks received over the years, our constituents felt it would be equally attractive to them if we conduct a Sino-American IP conference.  We took their suggestions to heart and hosted The 6th Annual Sino-US IP Law Conference: The Latest Updates on Sino-US IP Laws on June 24, 2013.  The conference was co-sponsored by Lifang & Partners and Loeb & Loeb.  JMLS alum, Adam Kelly, a partner of Loeb & Loeb spearheaded the efforts.  He and other practitioners and scholars, including our very own Professor Doris Long, director of the Center for IP Law, discussed issues ranging from business method patents, entertainment law, trademarks in the digital age, as well as wilfullness on patent damages.  The audiences were excited about this change of pace from years past.  For more information, please check out the 2013 page.

The 2014 China IP Summer Program brought a unique US patent law issue to China this summer in the form of an IP mock trial.  Thanks to the sponsorship of Steptoe & Johnson, the successful mock trial and pre-trial seminar on IP issues related to abbreviated New Drug Application (ANDA) proceedings.  The John Marshall Law School was again fortunate to have Judge James Holderman presiding over the bench trial, which is more similar to a typical Chinese trial.  For more information, please check out the 2014 page.

in 2015, the China IP Summer Program decided to venture out of Beijing and to bring its mock trial program to Shanghai.  This is the eighth year that the John Marshall Law School (JMLS) in Chicago, Illinois, USA, and China Intellectual Property Training Center (CIPTC) of State Intellectual Property Office (SIPO) of People’s Republic of China in Beijing organizing a Sino-American Comparative IP program and it's the seventh year for a comparative IP mock trial.  The IP mock trial this year focuses on trademark infringement issues.  These issues are specifically relevant to businesses in the US and China as issues such as bad faith trademark squatter, likelihood of confusion, values of survey, etc., are causing concerns by trademark stakeholders.  The mock trial was presided over by Judge Matthew Kennelly of the Northern District of Illinois and sponsored by Loeb & Loeb, LLP for the US.  Because this year's program will be conducted both in Beijing and Shanghai.  We are fortunate to have two law firms: CCPIT Patent and Trademark Law Office in Beijing and King and Wood Mallesons in Shanghai to represent the Chinese portion.  These outstanding law firms made the case very interesting for our audiences and student jurors.  For more information, please check out the 2015 page.