Jaguar Stopped a Jaguar Imposter in Using its Marks in China

[By Arthur Tan-Chi Yuan]

[Author’s note: Key lessons for non-Chinese litigants: business name registration; trademark infringement, unfair competition, injunctive relief]

Beijing Second Intermediate People’s Court

Jaguar Cars, Ltd.



China Jaguar Brand Management Co.


Beijing FengHengSheng Trading Co., Ltd.


Beijing HengTaiShun Trading Co., Ltd.

Translated Decisions: 

No CHEMDRAW for CambridgeSoft in China

[By Arthur Tan-Chi Yuan]

[Author’s note: Key lessons for non-Chinese litigants: descriptive and “distinctive features” in Chinese Trademark Law, Trademark Review and Adjudication Board]

CambridgeSoft Corporation (Petitioner, Plaintiff, Appellant)


Trademark Review and Adjudication Board (Appellee)

Beijing High People’s Court

September 6, 2010.

Translated Decisions: 

Mark Your Calendar: Sixth Annual Chinese Intellectual Property Forum

Mark your calendar!!!

The John Marshall Law School with the China Intellectual Property Training Center of SIPO are bringing together Sixth Annual Chinese Intellectual Property Forum: Future of Chinese Patent Landscape: Law/Regulation Updates; IP Monetization and Impact of ITC investigations.  We bring the most up-to-date information of IP in China to stakeholders on China IP issues from U.S. government, academics and enterprises to share their insights on critical issues involving China IP.  


Chinese Court May Compare Yi, Jordan

[by Arthur Tan-Chi Yuan; original version was first published in Chicago Daily Law Bulletin on April 11, 2012.  The current edition includes additional content, as well as attachments and notes]

If China were a common law country, Michael Jordan has a good chance of winning the right to reclaim his last name in Chinese in China, because the Beijing High People's Court recently sided with another NBA basketball star who was also a victim under similar facts.

Battle of the Crocodile Trademarks

[By Arthur Tan-Chi Yuan]

[Author’s note: Key lessons for non-Chinese litigants: Supreme People Court’s interpretations]

Supreme People’s Court

Lacoste (Petitioner)


Crocodile International PTE Ltd. (Respondent)


Shanghai East Crocodile Clothing Co. Ltd. (Respondent)

December 29, 2010[1]

Translated Decisions: