Forward thinking

[Arthur Tan-Chi Yuan]

After reading Judge's article on online forms, it occurred to me that as the Chinese increase E-commerce online activities, one should also focus on the basic intellectual property protection, such as copyright. The idea of combining geometric shapes with color for garnering interior decorating customers was ingenious and should certainly be protected.

In that case, it appears that the plaintiff failed to protect itself before launching its innovative web form. But, in practice, success in business and winning market share are all about timing. Sometimes timing trumps other preparations. Nevertheless, intellectual property protection of online commercial activities should quickly become an important decision in China.

Also, both parties in this lawsuit were Chinese entities. Setting aside the stereotypical accusations against China about copyright infringements (e.g., counterfeit goods), more and more Chinese entities will recognize that the importance of intellectual property protection in China, not elsewhere, can determine their long term success in the market place.