Internet access in the housing and classroom; Cell Phone

Internet access

Internet access will be available in your rooms and in the classroom.  The access in the rooms is a wired LAN connection while you will have wifi connection in the classrooms.  The rooms should have the Ethernet cables, but it is highly recommended that you bring a 3' to 6' long Ethernet cable just in case.

Upon arrival, you will receive instructions for your internet access user name and password, as well as instructions to login.

Please note that there is no access to Facebook, Twitter, Google+, or other social networks from Beijing, as well as websites from Taiwan.  Our students were able to access Westlaw and LexisNexis just fine in the past.  Skype and MSN chats are available.  Many of the news media outlets are also available.

Cell phone

If you have T-Mobile or AT&T as your cell phone service provider, you should be able to use your existing phone in China.  Before you do so, however, you will need to "unlock" your phone so that it can accept non-T-mobile or non-AT&T SIM cards.  To do so, you can call your carrier to provide the unlocking code to you (for free).  I am not sure if iPhone users are privileged to this unlocking code, but as far as I know, the carriers have been providing these codes for users of Nokia, Samsung, and HTC.

Once you receive your unlocking code, please print it out with the unlocking instructions.  When you arrive in China, you can purchase a pay-per-use SIM from China Mobile nearby with your passport or at news stands near the training center (if you are adventurous).  You then insert the SIM card and your phone will ask you for the unlocking code.  Please enter it as provided to you by your carrier.  Your phone should accept the code and is ready to use China Mobile's network.