Mark your calendar - China IP Roadshow on October 20, 2017

[By Arthur Tan-Chi Yuan]

  • How do you protect your IP in China in 2017?  Is filing in China worth the investment?
  • Any key changes to the IP laws that may substantially affect IP enforcement strategy in China?  
  • Why seeking enforcement in China?  
  • With the statutory damages being relatively low in China IP litigation, why bother suing there?  Or is that still the case?   

To learn about answers to these and many more questions, please join us on October 20 2017 at The John Marshall Law School for China IP Roadshow in Chicago, IL, co-sponsored by the United States Patent and Trademark Office and the John Marshall Law School.  The John Marshall Law School has been educating Chinese patent examiners and practitioners since 1994, so we are pleased to team up with the USPTO to host such program in Chicago to bring intellectual property stakeholders together to discuss Chinese IP issues.

The program aims to bring policy makers and thought leaders from the U.S. government, academia, and private enterprise together to share their insights on critical issues involving Chinese IP.  This one-day program is part of the USPTO China team’s nationwide efforts to help U.S. businesses and inventors better understand how they can obtain and enforce IP rights in China.  Speakers from the around country, leading Chinese law firms, leading IP law firms, local businesses, as well as federal governments will be on tap to share their experiences and insights to   

The program is offered at no cost, but registration is required.  Please click to register!  

Full agenda is here (subject to last minute changes and updates)!