The John Marshall Law School is a pioneer in providing legal education opportunities to those who would not have received such legal training. From the first law school that taught women outside New York city in 1902 to the first in the United States to establish an LL.M. program in patent law in 1940, the JMLS has led the way in cultivating future legal professionals.

Entering China. In 1993, before China's accession to the WTO, Dr. In-Lan Wang (Dorothy) Li, the then-librarian of the JMLS, and the JMLS administration met with Dr. Lulin Gao, the first commissioner of the State Intellectual Patent Office (SIPO), to discuss a possible legal educational program for its patent examiners. Little did they know that their meeting embarked a remarkable journey that the JMLS and the SIPO continue to cherish (click here for the timeline of Dr. Li's remarkable work). In the 16 years that followed, the JMLS, led by its dedicated faculty, administration leadership and the board of trustees, has educated more than 500 talented examiners and other legal professionals. These graduates further strengthened and cemented better understanding of Chinese role in the world IP law landscape.

Building on the JMLS tradition and the foundation of the JMLS-SIPO collaboration, this Chinese Intellectual Property Resource Center (CIPRC) aims to bridge the US IP legal world and the Chinese IP legal world. This English section of the website is an information resource platform of IP related issues in China and Taiwan. It covers patent, trademark, copyright, trade secret and other IP related issues. There are several categories under this section:

  • (1) patent (under the post name "patent");
  • (2) trademark (under the post name "tm");
  • (3) copyright (under the post name "copyright");
  • (4) trade secret and other IP related issues (under the post name "others"); and
  • (5) "Did You Know?" (under the post name "dyk").

The Chinese section of the website (in Chinese) discusses issues regarding intellectual property rights issues in the United States. For example, the Chinese section includes discussions of recent case opinions from the Court of Appeals for the Federal Circuit and the US Supreme Court, recent rule changes and guidelines from the United States Patent and Trademark Office, recent Federal Register notices of International Trade Commission investigations under Section 337 of the U.S. Tariff Act.



The Chinese IP Resource Center currently includes the following invaluable resources:

Prof. Dorothy Li Emeritus, Senior Counsel to the CIPRC and Director of Asian Alliance

Adj. Prof. Arthur Yuan, Director of the Chinese IP Resource Center.

We welcome your comments, suggestions, and thoughts on the website. We look forward to hearing you!

Arthur Yuan