Strategic Patent Plan 2010

Summary of the Chinese "Strategic Patent Industry Development Plan (2011-2020)" 全国专利事业发展战略(2011 - 2020年)

To further implement its national IP strategic plan released in 2008, the SIPO recently issued a national strategic patent industry development plan (Plan, Chinese original) in November 2010. This 10-year plan focuses on a holistic approach in developing Chinese patent related industries, as well as a comprehensive incorporation of patent system into economic structure in China. The Plan lists the following areas of improvements:

  1. Additional Improvements on Patent Legal System:
  2. Patent Related Information Platform
  3. Patent Management
  4. Innovation Incubation
  5. Patent Examination Capabilities
  6. Patent Protections
  7. Organize Nation-wide Economic and IP Forecasts
  8. Patent Information and Dissemination Infrastructure
  9. Expedite Patent Related Services
  10. Educate Patent Professionals
  11. Cultivate IP Culture and Awareness
  12. Expand International Patent Collaborations

The Plan also sets specific goals for 2015, including:

  • Patent application filings to reach 2 million a year (including invention patent, utility model patent, and design patent);
  • Reaching No. 2 in the world in terms of patent issuance to Chinese entities;
  • Patent transactions to reach 100,000,000 Yuan a year;
  • Average substantive examination time for an invention patent application to be shortened to 22 months;
  • Average procedure examination time for a utility model and design patent application to be shortened to 3 months;
  • Average reexamination proceeding time to be shortened to 12 months;
  • Average invalidation proceeding time to be shortened to 6 months;
  • Increase the number of patent examiners to about 9000;
  • Increase the number of licensed patent agents to about 10,000;

All in all, the Plan reaffirms the SIPO's commitment of making China an innovative country by 2020, as set out by the national IP strategic plan.